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Urban Poor Kalbaryo 2017


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10 April 2017
Attention: News Editor, News Desk, Reporters and Photojournalists

Urban Poor Kalbaryo 2017


3000 individuals from the urban poor sector, together with Urban Poor Associates (UPA) and Community Organizers Multiversity (COM) on April 11, Tuesday, will hold the annual Kalbaryo ng Maralita, a re-enactment of the sufferings of Jesus Christ by the poor people.  The group will gather 7:00-8:00AM at Plaza Miranda, Quiapo before they march to Mendiola for their dramatization of Kalbaryo.

The big march is a reminder to the President that the poor people are closely watching and monitoring events under his administration. Poor people feel very deeply that their lives are being sacrificed in the guise of peace and order.

The poor people will be marching with seven crosses having themes that range from, ‘Stop Extra Judicial Killing and the Death Penalty, Reducing the age of criminal responsibility, Uncertainty in the provision of housing and basic services, proliferation of fake news, climate change and evictions, culture of fear, and the decreasing space for the free and critical participation of the citizenry.’

This Kalbaryo’s main highlight is the skit where Jesus portrayed by a poor man will be nailed on the cross by PDurtz, Batorte, pro-death penalty Congressmen and Senators, and Mochang Angel. At the end of the scene, Jesus will be crucified with the words, “Nanlaban” (fought back) an emphasis that the poor people are unjustly killed in the war against drugs by saying that they fought back.

Date:   April 11, 2017
Time:   7:00AM-12:00Noon
Assembly Area: Plaza Miranda, Quiapo
Program Area: Peace Arch, Mendiola
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